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Welcome to the Ridge Meadows Home Show May 5th to 7th at Planet Ice Maple Ridge

Top 5 Reasons YOU want to visit Tap 2 Drain at the Ridge Meadows Home Show

This coming weekend is the Ridge Meadows Home Show.  An event Tap 2 Drain has been taking part in now for 5 years!   Exciting, I know.

With all the “homey” type shows going on all over the lower mainland why pick this one to spend your free time at?


Well here are our TOP 5:


  1. Tap 2 Drain will be there!  Shameless I know but it’s true, I do not lie.  We have a super fun booth too.  The kids can play plumbing Plinko for prizes and Pete the Duck will be making special appearances.  It is always nice to get to meet the team in person, ask techs questions about your plumbing or book an appointment right on site – #SHOWSPECIAL.


2. It gets even better……..You can enter to WIN some super sweet PRIZES from Tap 2 Drain.  Not one but two PRIZES, I swear it!  We will be giving away a BIG BLUE WHOLE HOME WATER FILTER!  I know right!!!  Who doesn’t want amazing clean and clear water through out their ENTIRE home.  FOR FREE!  PLUS #haveyouseepete – Find the hidden Pete the Duck at our vendor friends throughout the show – Take a picture and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #haveyouseenpete. WIN WIN WIN a $50 Timmies gift card.  Who doesn’t love that?!?!?  So keep your eyes peeled!


3. You can see some of the nifty plumbing product you didn’t even know you wanted.  There is some much cool stuff that has GREATLY improved over the last 10 years, come check it out you might see something that can solve a problem you have RIGHT NOW!


4. Meet our AMAZING vendor friends.  All over the show, as you look for Pete to enter the #haveyouseenpete contest, you will meet our friends.  Show them some love, they are all great people and are local businesses we love.


5. The Ridge Meadows Home Show is EPIC.  From the yummy food trucks to the funky ideas for your home there is really something for everyone!  We wouldn’t miss it.


So you can see how much fun you will have and all the pretty cool things you can check out, have tons of fun and eat some super yummy food.  FUN TIMES!!!

See you there 🙂


Jen Koehler
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Jen Koehler

Business Operations Manager at Tap 2 Drain Plumbing
Along with Steve, Jen created Tap 2 Drain Plumbing to give clients exceptional service in their homes and businesses.   Always ready to make you smile, Jen believes in building the business with integrity and is one of the driving force behind the scenes at Tap 2 Drain.  "We treat clients the way we want to be treated, as family."
Jen Koehler
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