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What to do when your fidget spinner gets stuck in your toilet.

Fidget spinners are the HOT toy right now, you can’t avoid them.  Since we are such a HOT plumbing company, totally with the NOW, we decided to make a fidget spinner out of plumbing parts.  Fun stuff, I know.  Make sure you check out Tap 2 Drain TV for a HOW TO make your own plumbing part fidget spinner!  Super sweet, hey. t2d fidget spinner

So it was inevitable we would receive a call from a desperate parent, of a distraught child, who’s spinner got stuck in the toilet.  No, I am not kidding….we saw it coming.  It was lodged in the trap of the toilet pretty good.  Luckily our Nice Guy Tech was able to save the day and after sanitizing the toy, give it back to a super happy kid.

Stuff gets stuck in toilets all the time.  Sometimes you can retrieve it yourself if you follow these handy tips….sometimes you need a Super Tech!

Super handy tips to unclog your toilet.

  1. Don’t flush – No matter how NASTY it is.  Many of us have dropped our phone or kids drop toys in.  Even if the item looks like it won’t fit down the hole and you can’t face putting your hand in, DO NOT FLUSH!  It’s deceiving,  the ceramic in the bowl is coated with a super slippery coating and that hole is a lot bigger than you think.  Even if Barbie’s legs are split or Ironman has his arms out, the power of the flush compels them and down the hole they will go. That’s when they get uber stuck in the kinky trap that prevents sewer gas from coming back up your toilet.  DO NOT FLUSH…..just be prepared with Lysol wipes.
  2. If the item is visible, get out the gloves.  If you can see the item it is best to try and retrieve it first but be very careful not to push it in further.  If the entire item doesn’t come out STOP.  When you push anything ( toys, an extra big load of TP, pill bottle, pickle jar- no I’m not kidding- ) further down the possibility of pushing it into the main drain is HIGH.  Then it goes from a relatively inexpensive toilet unclog to a higher cost main sewer clearing.  Save yourself the money and call us before it all goes BAD.
  3. Prevention – No one wants to be clogged and the best way to prevent clogs is prevention.  Keep the lid down.  Teach small children not to put things in the toilet.  Take your phone out of your back pocket. Don’t put your expensive perfumes on a shelf over the toilet – it may say eau de toilet but it DOESN”T mean actual toilet water, trust me you won’t want to spray that on yourself after.

Power flush and how it can save your life.

Check out our previous blog about choosing a toilet and all your options.  I have to say being the mom of two boys who have put all kinds of weird stuff in the toilet, not to mention their TP addictions, having a pressure assisted flush has saved my life.  Water fills the pressurized tank inside the toilet tank and then it shoots it out into the bowl.  It causes a JET STREAM of water to push “stuff” through the trap.  Not much gets stuck in a pressure assisted toilet.  Check out Tap 2 Drain TV on Friday for a nifty little demo of the difference between a regular old flush and a SUPER flush.  Seeing is believing!

Have I got a deal for you!

This month we are putting the PROFLO Pressure assisted toilets are ON SALE!  Call us now to book your Nice Guy Tech to get your life-saving toilet.





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